Food safety programs can help protect your customers, employees, and property from food-borne illness and other health risks.

Here are six tips from us on how to get your food safety program up and running:

1. Establish clear goals

Set specific objectives for your food safety program, such as reducing recalls or improving customer satisfaction ratings. This will help you stay focused while implementing new procedures and tracking results.

2. Create an action plan

Once you’ve determined your goals, create a timeline, budget, and list of resources needed. This will help ensure that everything gets done on time and within budget!

3. Assess your current food safety practices.

Make sure you understand what needs to be done to meet your goals and assess the effectiveness of your current procedures. Build and improvise on food safety programs.

4. Train employees properly

Make sure everyone in your company understands their role in safeguarding food quality (from dishwashers to managers), as well as proper handwashing techniques and reporting any incidents immediately.

5. Implement automated systems

Automated systems can play an important role in keeping track of vital data related to food safety (such as temperature readings). Using these technologies correctly reduces the need for manual inputting into databases, saving time and energy overall.

6. Track progress regularly

Create an effective tracking system for food safety data. Use accurate records to track progress and make changes as needed; this will help you identify areas where improvement is necessary. Regularly review progress reports generated by automated systems, so you’re always aware of where things stand.

Inquire about our free food safety management system planning session to assess and get your food safety program running to meet HACCP certification, SQF certification and PCP plan requirements.



Author: Felicia
Felicia Loo is a Certified Food Scientist and registered SQF Consultant, focused on assisting food business to obtain food business license, achieving effective food safety management system and automate food safety system.