Why Focus on Food Safety Management System?

On June 7, 2019, we celebrated the very 1st World Food Safety Day, recognizing the needs to keep our food safe in order to reduce foodborne diseases globally. 

The expectations are food that are sold needs to be safe. ie. taking into account of food poisoning and risk of allergens. Statistically speaking from 2015 data, 420, 000 people die due to foodborne illnesses. This is not taking into account those who suffer from foodborne illnesses and unreported incidents. 

Truthfully saying, no one wants to go through an actual food recall because it is tedious, costly and damaging to food brand. The best way to protect ourselves from having to go through recall is to perform our due-diligence in food safety management systems. 

In addition, food safety management is designed not only meet customer requirement but also, if used properly, assist in waste reduction and optimizing process flow, allowing optimization of business flow. 

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