What is Food Safety Training?

Food Safety training is a one or series of training programs that helps your staff to learn about food safety and how to properly follow procedures or manage food safety hazards and risks analysis.

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Why Food Safety Training?

Food safety training is very important because

  • Helps employee to learn
  • It is a tool for your employee to follow the right procedures (and avoid waste/ poor quality products, miscommunication etc)
  • Helps to communicate value to the employee that you, as a company care about their well-being

Ask if you are willing to cut down on training cost and deal with product quality issues, waste and customer complaint. It is bound to happen if you have poor training program.

What does SFPM Consulting provide in terms of food safety training?

  • Annual GMP and Refresher Training
  • Introductory to HACCP principles
  • Pre-requisite Program Management such as Allergen Management Program,Traceability Management Program, Cleaning and Sanitation Program etc.
  • Internal Audit Training
  • Site Inspection Training
  • Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Food Safety Culture Strategy Training
  • SQF/ FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Strategy Training
  • Pop-Up training on various food safety training caters to both small businesses and food manufacturers
  • Partner collaborations on various food safety and operational excellence topics

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How do I contact SFPM Consulting if I need a customized training program?

Simply call us at +1-236-513-2488 or book a call with us here