What To Do After You Fail an SQF Audit?

No one wants to hear this!

Due to the number of non-conformances or critical non-conformances observed at the facility, you have gained a score of less than 70% and therefore, the facility is deemed to fail an audit!

It is heartbreaking and can happen to any facility that is not fully prepared or fail to implement food safety programs at the facility.

If this happened to you, here is what you need to do:

  1. Understand all the non-conformances raised
  2. Identify the problem -Ask yourselves
    1. What is the real problem?
    2. Is it a one-time or repeated (systemic) issue?
    3. Who can help you resolve this issue?
  3. Perform corrective actions within 30 days
  4. Schedule a site visit within 30 days. Work with the certification body to schedule a site visit within 30 days. This visit is meant to confirm that the corrective actions are in place.
    1. Note that you may be going through the audit process during the inspection date although they are not scored.

Determine certification status or rating for an SQF certified facility

To determine if a facility is certified to SQF standards, access this site: Compliance Audit Results (parkcitygroup.com)

  1. Enter the facility information
  2. Select SQF certification standards
  3. Select audit rating

Pro-tips: You may want to verify your supplier information through this site as well.

How to prevent SQF audit failure?

SQF audit failure can be prevented in many ways:

  1. Know the latest SQF code requirements. If you haven’t already, here is the download link for the SQF code. Know which code to follow.
  2. Having a qualified SQF Practitioner to guide and lead SQF programs
  3. Validated food safety and SQF programs
  4. Properly maintained SQF programs
  5. Know what to expect for an SQF audit and be audit-ready.
  6. Know when to get help! SQF Consultant can assist you to navigate SQF requirements and stay on top of SQF monitoring, verification and validation requirements.

How can SFPM’s SQF Consultant help you restore your SQF system’s credibility?

Failing an audit is a big deal and stress because you face suspension and if not handled correctly, your certification may be withdrawn. As well as being listed as withdrawn or suspended SQF facility on the database.

With SFPM, we focus on helping to navigate through the stress while building and restoring the food safety culture at your facility. Whether it is a lack of qualified personnel or directions, we help to restore the food safety management system implementation so you could start gaining that customer trusts in your food safety management programs.

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