In food production, production employees are our front line employees responsible for producing safe and quality food.

Most often, food production facility hires employees that have insufficient experience -widely due to different skill sets that various industries have. Is this a problem?

Yes and no. Inexperience employees are not aware of food safety and quality of the food they are producing. Consequence varies from damage, rework, product waste, customer complaint to serious food safety issues that may lead to recall or food poisoning.

The good news is if production employees are well trained in their areas of work, they are capable to not only minimize negative consequences but also, produce products in an efficient and effective manner. Are your management team look forward to making a positive change in product safety and quality?

Try improving your training program! Here are a few methods to develop COMPLETE and EFFECTIVE training:

  1. Review your process flow and determine the control point for food safety and quality.
  2. Identify training that production employees at each stage require to ensure control points are met continuously. Be sure to identify basic training, work-related training and provide continuous training.
  3. Develop a training program identifying -a) training content; b) who require the training; c) frequency; d) monitoring program; e) deviation strategies.
  4. Implement your training program based on the frequency that you develop and monitor the result of the training. Provide further training as necessary to ensure employees are aware and following procedure and food safety and quality requirements.
  5. Revise your training program from time to time to evaluate the effectiveness of your program.

Don’t forget to train your trainer -they too, need to be well-trained to train your employees. Please send them to training courses and relevant food safety and quality courses to help them gain skills and knowledge to assist your company in achieving zero waste, increase productivity and enhance customer trust!