Why SQF Consulting?

SQF is really special to me because

  • I worked mostly with SQF programs
  • The SQF programs are very straight-forward and it provides flexibility as to how you meet the requirements.
  • I am also very much involved in contributing towards the new food manufacturing code development.

It is the GFSI programs that are very dear to my heart.

Taking SQF code to a Consulting practice

While I worked with food manufacturers to build and implement their food safety programs, despite how long the company has been certified, the food safety team still faces challenges in managing their food safety programs. It might be a lack of the right personnel, resources, commitment etc.

I turned to myself and ask, what if I can provide these resources to food businesses that need my support? Thus, I started to provide consulting services to a food start-up and two years after, started my own consulting practices. The intention is simple -creating possibilities for smaller food businesses to access food safety consultant services, to build a strong food brand.

A different SQF Consulting practices

Not just another SQF consultant, I teach and build the SQF programs with the intention that the business will not need me regularly. Two reasons, for cost-saving purposes and to instill the food safety culture at the plant. I believe in teaching food businesses to build their own SQF programs.

I can write an SQF program for you but it probably wouldn’t be as great as we write them together.

Building Capacity for SQF Practitioner

Blending consultancy with training practices, I also offer SQF Masterclass to build an SQF program together -the food businesses get at least 8 weeks of consultancy plus we get a minimum of 2 SOPs ready for implementation every week. I think that’s the best way to prepare and implement the SQF program for audit purposes. We are enrolling students for our next session-check out our training page.

Want a sample of our training program? Register here

New to SQF program? Our blog highlights a few new SQF 9.0 criteria and gives you a link to download 2 sample SOP including the Management Commitment letter.

What is a Strategy Session?

Sometimes, you may have questions and it is so difficult to find someone to ask that question? We can help create an action plan for you, as part of our complimentary strategy session. All you need to do is simply book a session and we will meet you on Zoom or through call, whichever you prefer.

About myself: 

I am a Certified SQF Consultant. I have assisted numerous food businesses to build and implement the SQF program and pass SQF and other food safety audits.