What is Food Safety Gap Analysis?

Food Safety gap analysis is a process where you analyze the effectiveness of both your written program and implementation to ensure that your food safety program meets the customer and regulatory requirements.

For example, checking compliance against the Safe Food for Canadian regulation (SFCR), SQF compliance and customer requirements such as for COSTCO, Whole Foods etc.

The Importance of Gap Analysis

Gap analysis helps you to determine any missing elements in your food safety programs before an audit or inspection. It also helps you to focus on the potential problem before they turn into bigger problems if they are done right.

At SFPM Consulting, we also consider a gap analysis as a way to show the team, what is needed to manage food safety programs and break daunting tasks into smaller tasks, with our expert consultant.

Changes in SQF 9.0 requirements for gap analysis

SQF 9.0 code does not require a gap analysis before your first audit. This can mean two things to you.

  1. You save on gap analysis
  2. There are no opportunities for you to correct your system with the actual audit. If you are waiting to get the food safety certificate to present to your customer, you may risk the business opportunities.

Do you need a Food Consultant to Assist you with a Gap Analysis?

Ready for the checklist? Answer yes or no to the following:

  1. This is your first audit
  2. You do not have a staff who has experience with food safety audits, specifically SQF audits.
  3. You develop and implement the program by yourself.
  4. You are not sure if your program makes the cut.
  5. You must pass the audit. If not, you risk your business.
  6. You care about the food safety program and your brand.

Considering if you need or do not need a food safety gap analysis? Instead of thinking, get into one of our strategy calls so we can help you decide.

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