SFPM Consulting launch Client Exclusive Food Safety Training

Why did we build a food safety training program?

Here are what we found during our years of seeing through and fixing food safety audit deviations

  • Employees are not properly trained.
  • Employees don’t know what they do, not to mention gain proper ground on managing food safety systems.
  • Small manufacturers struggle to hire consultants to build their food safety programs on a project basis but they may not understand how to manage their food safety programs.
  • We hear that manufacturers and food business owners claim that food safety training is expensive

We want to change this by providing resources and easy-to-use solutions, that we can continue to support our clients.

It is an all-in on-demand training, that we know the content very well and what we teach our clients.

How is our Food Safety Training program different?

  • Simple and focus on concepts and actions plan
  • Monthly drop-in masterclass
  • Quick (average 15 minutes) per lesson

Checkout Mastera -Our Client Exclusive Food Safety Training


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