Q&A: Can you sell home-made food at home?

Generally, the BC Health and Food Safety regulation state that you cannot sell food products that are made at home. All food must be made in a commercially approved facility. If you are not looking to have a full-time food facility, a commissary kitchen is your best bet.

If you are selling food at a temporary farmers market, you may not be required to produce the food at a commercial kitchen especially if the food belongs to a low-risk food category such as bread and buns (without dairy or cheese fillings), brownies, butter tarts and cakes (icing sugar only, without dairy or synthetic whipped cream).

At all times, you are responsible to ensure that your food is safe for consumers. The phrase “we always have been doing that” doesn’t assure and prove that the food is safe. We recommend that you do food microbiological and shelf life testing to ensure that the food that you produce is safe and meets the expected /declared shelf life.

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