​Moving towards Paperless Audit Effectively


We live in a technological era. There are many food safety software in the market. The question for business owners or food safety program owners would automatically be how do we choose food safety software solutions that meet the user’s needs?




Here are a few of my own criteria when choosing a food safety software solution:

  • Reliable
  • Meet regulatory and third-party audit requirements
  • Provide prompt for corrective actions when a deviation is recorded
  • Affordable
  • Accessible to the team, who need the access

We are pleased to partner with the GFSC Group to present the Food Safety Plus TM software, which brings you all of the above with many plus-es. The Food Safety Plus TM software is a comprehensive software that you could pretty much take the data and use it to defend your third-party audit. It is a software that is written by food safety auditors and consultants, that truly understand the food safety audit needs.

The Food Safety Plus TM software encompassed the basic GMP, Pre-requisite Programs and the management elements of food safety programs such as Management Commitment, Food Fraud, Contract Services and Change Management Approval etc. These include record management, the justification for verification and validation records, that a company can maintain and retain them on file. No information is lost even if there are any changes to the management personnel.

Reduce the need for paper records and stress to find the right documents during the audit. It is right there within the software.

Now, these features are the best:

  • The ability to download and customized food safety procedures that meet third-party audits, such as SQF and BRC requirements.
  • The ability to run an internal audit by selecting a pre-existing checklist.

Need this for a different certification, try Custom Audit Checklist, entirely customizable for your audit needs.

I highly recommend checking out the Food Safety Plus TM software to see the software functionality yourself. You’ll be amazed.

Not comfortable switching to a software system yet? No worry, we can help you to transition your paper program into an automated program.

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