How to Use Food Logo correctly?

Food logo cost!

Let’s talk about food branding and logo. The only logo that doesn’t cost is your own logo and logo that hasn’t been registered as a trademark or copyright. Any trademark or copyright logo costs and require permissions for its use.

You have good food products, great product story and you want to present them into a food logo. Wait a moment! You need to ensure these logos are not patented or if they are, you need to have permissions and follow the guidelines for the logo usage.

Sounds complicated, it does! The general rule is you can always use your own logo. Any other logos are subjected to permissions, typically by meeting the certification requirements.

Here are a few logos that you can use to demonstrate your product value through product certification:

  1. Certified Plant Based:
  2. Halal certification:
  3. Kosher certification:
  4. Organic certification:
  5. Gluten-free:
  6. RSPO Certification:

Do I need to get certified?

Food certification is voluntary and typically driven by the customer or the company’s desire to use the certification logo.

How difficult to get certified?

Each food certification body has its certification requirements. Typically, the certification body will review documents and records and perform a facility tour to ensure no conditions that may affect the integrity of the products.  The facility must be prepared to show evidence that

  • The product integrity is met
  • Supportive documents such as programs, procedures and records are available
  • Meet condition for the use of certification logo

Can I use my supplier’s certification logo?

Generally, you cannot use your supplier’s certification logo if you process, manufacture or repackage the product at a different facility. It is typically specific to the product and/or site.

What are the charges for the food certification?

The charges vary depending on the facility size, the number of product certified and audit requirements.

How fast can I obtain the certification?

The timeline varies depending the certification body processing time and audit requirements.

What can SFPM Consulting help?

We can provide a reference to certification bodies based on the type of audit you are seeking and prepare you for the audit based on the certification requirements.

We are also an official distributor of food safety software that helps to build and maintain your program and record-keeping to meet the certification requirements.