If you are reviewing this article, you are likely asked to pass a third-party certification audit or need assistance with your HACCP food safety program. At SFPM Consulting, we work with many small food businesses. Whether you are a larger or small business, we know that everyone is busy and getting the best effective ways to manage HACCP programs are important.

The question is, how do we prevent HACCP mistakes and do what we must do for food safety? Unfortunately, many food businesses struggle with the challenges associated with HACCP implementation—from not understanding food safety requirements to failing to implement procedures properly.

Let’s look at these challenges and understand them!

Challenges with HACCP implementation 

When it comes to implementing HACCP, there are many challenges that can arise. Our team at SFPM Consulting understands these challenges and is here to help you overcome them.

  1. Stressful HACCP implementation can be difficult for everyone involved, from the directors who authorize the process to the employees who carry out its requirements. Lack of experience can lead to mistakes or misunderstandings, which can then create additional stress for everyone involved.
  2. Implementing improper procedures can hurt your business and put people in danger.
  3. Unclear or non-existent policies may leave employees unsure about their duties or how to properly implement HACCP procedures.

Lack of knowledge about food safety requirements

Passing your food safety audit is a challenge for most food businesses. Food businesses often don’t know what steps to take to comply with food safety regulations and lack the necessary resources to implement HACCP standards.

HACCP programs and similar food safety management systems take a lot of skills, from food safety to management, to ensure that they are properly implemented in a food facility. I have heard so many horror stories where other consultants leave binders at the doorsteps, hoping the client knows what to do with them.

Here is the thing, we don’t believe in dropping you just the binders and leaving you to manage your audit alone.

Why find out the hard way when you can rely on credible food safety consultants like Felicia Loo to build and guide you through your HACCP program?

Regularly reviewing your programs also helps you keep the program running correctly. Therefore, reducing the stress and amount of last minutes food safety work before the audit and reducing the chances of missing important scheduled tasks.

Incorrect procedures are being implemented. 

Many food businesses find themselves struggling to pass their HACCP audits. The problem usually lies with incorrect procedures being implemented, which can lead to several issues.

Procedures must be followed consistently for the system to work effectively and efficiently. However, many food businesses find that this is not always the case.

Procedures may be followed inconsistently or at different times depending on who makes the decision. This makes it difficult for staff members to know what to do and slows business operations. Furthermore, regularly updating procedures helps ensure that everyone follows the most up-to-date guidelines and that mistakes are corrected quickly.

Further staff members’ training is also essential to understand and follow procedures correctly – even if they have been performing them for years without issue.

Without proper procedure implementation, your HACCP audit could easily fail – costing you valuable time and money.

You Don’t Need the Stress Wondering About If You Will Pass the Audit

Food businesses need proper guidelines and support to pass their HACCP audits successfully. SFPM Consulting understands this and provides the necessary resources to help businesses succeed.

Passing your HACCP audit is a challenging process, but with Felicia’s assistance, you can succeed. We understand that food safety and compliance are important for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we provide comprehensive guidance and support to help you pass your HACCP audit.

Our support programs come with regular 1-to-1 meetings with Felicia to review your procedures and records and ask difficult questions that are puzzling you or your team. Complimentary access to our training program designed for your team to learn about food safety programs.

The best thing of all, we never will leave you with a binder full of procedures unless you ask us to.

That being said, we also prioritize guiding a few clients at a time, so we can focus on building and implementing clients that want to grow their food safety programs.

The question is are you looking to get proper support for your HACCP implementation.

Quick Reminder

You’re not alone if you’re struggling to pass your HACCP audit. Many food businesses find themselves in the same situation time and time again. That’s why it’s so important to work with a credible food safety consultant that will and can support you not just for the beginning but through your full audit implementation and beyond—we have years of experience helping food businesses pass their HACCP audits without any trouble. We’ll walk you through each process step, ensuring that you understand what’s required and that your staff is fully prepared for the audit.

With our help, there’s no reason why you can’t finally get your HACCP certification! If you are struggling with the thoughts of “will I be passing my audit?” we need to talk. Book a complimentary consultation here, and we will send you your free HACCP Success Guide upon consultation.