How to Get SQF Certification?

SQF Certification Steps

We get a lot of questions on how to get started with SQF audit and SQF certification.

Therefore, we prepare a video that helps show you the steps for SQF certification and what you need to do to achieve SQF certification efficiently and pass your SQF audit on the first run.

Key to Achieving SQF Certification

As an SQF Consultant, Felicia Loo has helped numerous clients from small to large food business, achieving SQF certification and improving their SQF audit score.

The keywords to achieve SQF certification efficiently is to having an effective SQF programs that are well implemented and supported by record keeping.

At SFPM Consulting, our SQF consultation principle has always been assisting our SQF client build customized SQF program and help set the program so that you can follow the SQF program. We trust that building food safety culture into our client’s SQF program, we help build a strong program that meet SQF certification and beyond.

Is SQF the right GFSI program for us?

Many client asked if SQF the best GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) bench-marked scheme for them? 

The answer is it depends. For many, SQF would be ideal because it is the simplest GFSI program that provide flexibility to comply with SQF audit requirements.

In addition, we also finds that sometimes, food businesses may not be ready for their food safety audit in terms of cost commitment. We are breaking down some cost considerations for SQF program so you are aware of the cost and benefits of having an SQF program


SQF Cost and SQF Benefits

Let’s be honest -we are looking for SQF certification mostly because our clients, COSTCO, Whole Foods, Save On Foods, etc are looking for supplier with GFSI certificate or SQF certificate. Getting the market share from the certification are important and the best way to grow. Most of us are here!

I like to prepare you on the cost expectations and what you need to do on a regular basis, before you commit to SQF program.

Initial SQF Cost

Cost of the SQF Certification itself include the certification cost (plus travel cost for the auditor), training cost for SQF Practitioner (include HACCP training and SQF training)

You will need to develop and implement SQF programs in your facility -you can use a skilled food safety professionals to help you develop the program or build the SQF program using our cost effective and easy to follow SQF template

Note: These cost are payable to the service provider

Recurring SQF Cost

On an annual basis, you will need to go through SQF recertification process -please expect certification cost plus travel cost.

In addition, you should maintain 2 SQF Practitioner at your facility.

Product testing and sampling- you will need to send samples to ensure that your facility is suitable to produce food and the products that you made, are safe -cost depends on your risk assessment and justifications

Is Maintaining SQF program difficult?

We have helped so many SQF clients that we are going to say that when we get started with their program, some of our client really struggle because they didn’t know exactly how to manage SQF program.

That’s why we offer support program that helps our client maintain their SQF programs so that it became easier. We have a system that guarantee our client’s success with their SQF program and reduce the normal SQF workload without discounting the SQF requirements compliance.

We want to make it easier for food businesses to go to SQF, knowing that they can maintain and pass SQF audit over and over again.

Do you recommend going for SQF?

Certainly, we are secretly rooting for our clients to go with GFSI scheme so that they are retail ready. Even, if you are not going for the certification right away, we recommend implementing the system because it helps you with your business operations and be audit-ready.

You can hit that gas paddle and say I like an audit and instead of waiting to collect for your documentation, your timeline get shorten, to now, get an food safety auditor and do the final preparation before your SQF audit.

Who should I talk to, if I need help with SQF audit?

Need help with SQF audit, we provide customized SQF audit assistance for you, from reviewing your program, all the way to supporting your SQF audit day, so you don’t have to worry about your SQF audit.

Develop SQF Programs for you so you can focus on implementation and jump-start your audit date

Easy to use, downloadable template that are cost efficient to get you started with SQF programs in 30 days

One of a kind program support to help you, learn how to run a working SQF program so you don’t face the common challenge most food business face – the SQF program breakdown.