2021 Initiatives to Support Food Businesses and Food Professionals

Congratulations on making it to the end of 2021. Leaping into 2021.

We had a challenging 2020. It has been almost a whole year that we have been pivoting with our business priorities, cost and managing expectation for the upcoming months and days. Some of us are directly affected by the pandemic through a layoff and are looking for career opportunities.

We believe that the world is round. Eventually, we will find something that would work for us. If one door shut down, there will be another door (or a few more) that opens up for you.

As we continue to support food professionals, food start-ups and food manufacturers, we have come up with few example initiatives. If there is anything that we can support you better, please contact us.

Motivation Monday

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Masterclass Training

Affordable Food Safety Software Solution

There are many reasons we support switching to computerized web-based food safety solutions. Imagine this

  • Time savings
  • No flipping paperwork
  • No piling of paperwork
  • Not having to organize documents by date.

I wish I had this when I first started. And this January 2021, we manage to get a 20% off introductory offers. Don’t miss out on this offer.

SQF 9.0 Template is now available

Writing an entire food safety program takes hours and hours to write. You have better things to do compared to developing the template. Take a pre-developed template, customize it to your need and start implementing immediately.

Our SQF solutions don’t stop at template availability. We are also running a Masterclass and consultation services to help you put your SQF programs together.

SFCR Program Development

As we are helping food manufacturers, food importers and exporters with SFCR Preventative Control Plan requirements, we realize many said yes that they have a PCP when they apply for an SFCR license but

  • they don’t have PCP or
  • they have a PCP that they are just keeping the PCP on the shelves.

Yes, you may not need to show the PCP plan when you apply for the license. However, it is expected that you HAVE and IMPLEMENT the PCP plan with the license. Don’t get caught off guard for not having a PCP plan or record to support the PCP plan.

We provide a complimentary discovery session if you have any questions about your PCP plan and implementation.

Recognizing that PCP is something new for many food businesses, we have a Maintenance and Operation of Establishment programs available to get you started -save time on writing on these SOPs.

On-demand training

Coming on the second quarter. Content creation takes a lot of work and effort to get right. Please be patient as we develop the content for our on-demand training. P/s: Retaking lots of video content

Check out an example of our on-demand training for goals and objectives setting here.


There are so many ways we can support food businesses through these difficult times. We wouldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being a part of our community.






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