Spring Photography around Vancouver -Half Day Inspiration

Travel Journey Planning

One of the things that I enjoy doing as Vancouverites are the city, the beach, the mountains and to sum it all, the beauty of nature and arts, that you can get in the middle of a busy city.

How is COVID impact my life? Very huge impact -I am avoiding crowds and people. My schedule runs around how to avoid people and the weather (of course, Vancouver is known for the unexpected weather changes). I made the shift from working on weekdays to working on weekends -just because I know how much Vancouverites enjoy our weekend during a sunny day? Proof?

People enjoying sunny days at English Bay

The Journey

I took a half day off -left home at 12: 50 pm and arrive at Downtown Vancouver at 1:50 pm. After checking out the flowers at Burrard Skytrain Station -unfortunately, I am late for the cherry blossom in the area but the tulips have bloomed. Took a few Tulips pictures and head off to Demonian Park.

Tulips and other flowers are welcoming me, as soon as I arrive at the park. This is my first photo at the park.

As you walk towards the park, you see people walking and cycling and others just sun-tanning and reading a book under the cherry blossom trees. What a life!

Living the life- I pick my own cherry blossom tree and went underneath them to prepare my green teas and snacks while enjoying the birds chirping. Of course, I am also busy with the photography sessions. It is one of the ways I express my artistic side.

Here are some of the photos taken yesterday:


The Rose Garden at Stanley Park

The photo experience at Stanley Park wouldn’t be perfect if you missed the Rose Garden. While there are no roses there, the cherry blossoms, tulips and background are excellent combinations for anyone, who wishes to experience the beauty of spring in Vancouver or take a photoshoot for their wedding or graduation pictures. Definitely recommend this location for a photoshoot.

As I travel light without my tripod for the camera, I only took a few selfies using my tripod for the phone. Unfortunately, I realized after that the photos don’t frame the flower sufficiently. Here is an example of my selfie pictures.


Spring Trip to UBC

There is a story about why I wanted to have a photoshoot at UBC. Every year when we take the final exams, that is when the cherry blossoms bloom. And when we are done, the cherry blossom season at UBC is almost over.

I never really did enjoy the cherry blossom season when I was at UBC. Plus, because UBC is known for its expensive parking and it is at the far end, UBC is an excellent choice to avoid the crowd.

The Plus of Portrait and Landscape Photography at UBC

  • You can get canopy portrait/ landscape photos without the cars and other people in your picture
  • It is one of the top spots for cherry blossom viewing
  • No crowd- you can take your sweet time to take photos
  • Peacefulness and tranquility

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