Food Safety Training

SFPM Consulting specialized in food safety training development and customized them to ensure food professionals are capable and proficient at their tasks.


The Role of Training in Food Operations

Benefits of our training

  • Accessible -our training are available on-demand
  • Cost efficient
  • Focus on concepts and program implementations
  • Short -all of our on-demand training is between 15 to 20 minutes.

Why Food Safety Training?

Food safety training is very important because

  • Helps employee to learn
  • It is a tool for your employee to follow the right procedures (and avoid waste/ poor quality products, miscommunication etc)
  • Helps to communicate value to the employee that you, as a company care about their well-being

Ask if you are willing to cut down on training cost and deal with product quality issues, waste and customer complaint. It is bound to happen if you have poor training program.

Checkout our existing training program here

Food Safety Training

Basic Training

Food Safety Refresher

Cleaning and Sanitation Program

Supplier Approval & Management

Pest Control Management

Basic HACCP training

Site Inspection Training

Basic  Canadian Food Label Requirements

Specialized Training

SQF Program Development Course

SFCR Program Development Course

Setting Food Safety Objectives

Environmental Monitoring Program Development

Food Safety Culture Workshop

Internal Audit Training

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We can build any training program, that is customized specifically for your need.

  • The benefit of having a specialized training program is that you will have a content that you can simply present to the new employees, to learn at hiring or before assigning them to the specific tasks.

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Author: Felicia
Felicia Loo is a Certified Food Scientist and registered SQF Consultant, focused on assisting food business to obtain food business license, achieving effective food safety management system and automate food safety system.
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