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This program is designed for food companies to easily, develop and implement SOPs for their SQF program. In 16 lessons, our training provides you with the information you need to develop your own SQF Program. We even provide you with full sets of customizable SQF templates for each module to tailor to your own procedures.

This is both a practical and cost-effective way to develop your own SQF Program at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.  Our content and training are developed in collaboration with our Certified SQF Consultant and Certified Food Scientist who applies extensive food industry experience.

Who is this for?

  • A food company that is new to SQF
  • Food Safety Professionals
  • Food Safety Manager who wants to train a back-up SQF Practitioner, but do not have the time to train

Here is your chance to

  • Learn about SQF programs and the new SQF 9.0 code
  • Get a complimentary SQF 9.0 template with the guided training
  • Over 8 weeks of guided SQF program consultation
  • Walkout with 1-2 SOPs ready for implementation every week
Lesson Outline

SQF Program Development

Lesson 1: Management Commitment & Review, Complaint Management

Lesson 2: Product Development & Contract Manufacturer

Lesson 3: Food Legislation, Product Sampling and Analysis

Lesson 4: Non-conforming Product, Product Release & Rework

Lesson 5: Corrective Actions, Verification and Validation

Lesson 6: Product Identification /Traceability

Lesson 7: Crisis Management, Food Fraud, Food Defense (Brief discussion)

Lesson 8: Allergen Management, Training Program

Lesson 9: Premises and Building Construction

Lesson 10: Ventilation, Equipment and Utensils

Lesson 11: Repairs and Maintenance, Calibration

Lesson 12: Pest Prevention, Water, Ice and Gas

Lesson 13: Cleaning and Sanitation

Lesson14: Personnel Hygiene and Welfare

Lesson 15: High-Risk Processes, Thawing and Control of Foreign Materials

Lesson 16: Storage and Transportation, Waste Management

Note: this training does not replace the formal SQF training.

Cost Comparison

Price Comparison (Per Attendees)

SQF template | USD $900

SOP and form templates developed to meet SQF 9.0 code

SQF training | USD $700

Public Masterclass| CAD $1, 000

  • Learning how to manage food safety programs
  • 8 weeks guided program development classes

Support and guidance throughout the 8-week classes

Time-saving to review SQF program| $ priceless

  • Review programs while learning. You come out with usable SOP, tailored to your needs
Trainer Profile

[bt_bb_service_image lazy_load=”yes” image=”3458″ size=”boldthemes_small_rectangle” shape=”square” title=”Felicia Loo, SQF Consultant” text=”Felicia Loo specializes in assisting food businesses to build and implement food safety programs efficiently and effectively. Experience with food safety and regulatory programs including SQF, ISO 2200, Primus GFS, Organic, Kosher and Health Canada (Natural Health Product).

She works with clients to develop food fraud & food defense programs, environmental monitoring programs, and food safety & GMP training programs for staff and management.

She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a BSc. Food Science with a minor in Commerce. Her work spans a wide range of small and medium-sized food businesses including natural health products, bakeries, desserts, confectionery, fruit juice production, and fresh produce.” url=”” target=”_self” show_read_more=”no” responsive=”” publish_datetime=”” expiry_datetime=”” el_id=”” el_class=”” el_style=””][/bt_bb_service_image]