We Transform Your Food Safety Vision into Your Brand

Blending food safety and marketing management, SFPM Consulting aims to build and leverage food branding through food safety.

Think of a project that you work with and you estimated the value of $x. You also estimated that will continue to grow at 50% annually for the next 5 years. Is this a good portfolio to have? Suddenly, the key person for the project is defamed and it drastically affects your investor trusts. Or suddenly, the regulatory agencies knocked at the door and said the standards are not met and you cannot continue the project. What happens to your project?

Imagine that project is your food brand, where you take x number of years to build to this stage and projected to continue to grow -will you risk your food brand? Your food brand is the fundamental key to why people are buying your products and not your competitors. It is the symbol of trust entrusted by your consumer. It needs to stay that way. Don’t let food safety and quality issues such as consumer dissatisfaction food recalls, regulatory shutdown, etc take that away from you.

In a Nutshell, Why Food Safety?

Today, food consumer trust and choice prevail food brand. Regardless of how innovative and nutritive a food products, it is important that it is delivered in a food safe manner.

Food safety is the next level of food brand, the trust that food manufacturer need to install in their product and branding. Thus, optimizing food safety program for better food brand are key to business and brand continuity.

Leverage the customer and regulatory requirement and build in return on investment for your food branding.

About Felicia Loo

Felicia Loo
Felicia Loo -Consultant, SFPM Consulting

Felicia Loo is a Certified Food Scientist with quality assurance, brand and social media management experience. She has worked with multiple food products and categories including bakeries, confectionery and snacks, fruit juices, soy products, etc. She has worked with multiple food certification program such as initial and recertification for HACCP, SQF, FSSC 22000, Primus GFS, Kosher, Halal and Organic.

She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc. Food Science with minor in Commerce. She is an IFT Emerging Leader Program participant in 2019. She is currently pursuing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Quality Management at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.


  • Certified Food Scientist
  • Qualified SQF Practitioner
  • FSMA PCQI Certification
  • Advanced HACCP Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


  • Built and developed customized food safety programs for start-up facilities
  • Involved in food safety program improvement for existing food facilities leading to GFSI scheme certification and recertification
  • Conducted numerous food safety internal audits